Jane Wang

A dive into the world of startups, science, and technology

After about seven good years, Patrick and I organized an impromptu reunion with TJ high school classmates. We initially thought that only around twenty people would show up, from Facebook RSVP’s. To our surprise, nearly ninety people showed up. We are working on incredible things from neuroscience to various Ph.D.s to professional poker to startups. It is an exciting convergence of incredible minds. Our high school (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology) was special, but it was then an awkward age. I am glad to see that we have grown wiser and more graceful with a few added years. If grace is what age brings, I’m all for adding up the passing years till age snows white hair on us.

I cannot wait to see what we shall achieve in our prime. Raise your glasses! Here’s to looking at the future!

  • 27 December 2011
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